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The Power of Preparedness: A Brave Little Girl’s Escape

A heart-stopping incident involving a 5-year-old girl from Hubei, China, is a real-life lesson on the importance of child safety and preparedness. This story of a young girl’s quick thinking and courage under pressure has been hailed as a “child abduction prevention textbook” and offers valuable insights for parents. The incident While on her way ...

Emma Lu

A child walking alone.

Lessons to Be Learned From Child Kidnapping in China

Child kidnapping is more rampant than it has ever been around the globe. Cases like the following one from China can help parents prepare and avoid something like this ever happening to them. Irresistible bait   A young woman dressed up neatly, as if she worked in a corporate office, stands in front of a primary school just before the closing bell rings.   Then, as ...

Hermann Rohr

Smiling young Chinese children at the school playground in Sichuan, China.

‘Lost and Love’: Son Reunited With His Family

The film Lost and Love, released in 2015, was based on a true story of a Chinese farmer’s 15-year journey searching for his missing son. Then, on July 12, 2021, came a dramatic turn. Guo Gangtang finally found his son Guo Zhen who had been missing for 24 years. On September 21, 1997, the 27-year-old ...

Emma Lu

Poster for the 2015 movie 'Lost and Love.'