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First Social Credit System in Europe: Rewards for Exemplary Citizens?

Amidst a lot of controversy and hassles, a city in Italy is going to implement a social credit system that will be implemented through an app. This is going to be deployed in the city of Bologna. The move was announced by Councillor Massimo Bugani and Mayor of Bologna Matteo Lepore. The usage of social ...

Armin Auctor

A building flying the Italian and EU flags.

Report: US Tech Giants Are Powering China’s Digital Surveillance

China has been accused by the U.S. and many European nations of carrying out clandestine digital surveillance using its underground network and technology companies, worldwide. A new report states that China’s digital surveillance program, the Golden Shield Project, is being powered by U.S. technology entities. The researchers say a handful of U.S. technology companies supply ...

Max Lu

A woman's face being scanned by facial recognition technology.