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Columbia University: America’s First Established Sinology Department

Dean Lung was born in 1857 in Guangdong Province. He was illiterate, and at 18, while looking for a job, someone deceived him into going overseas. He was consequently sold as a laborer to work on the railroads in America. Despite this, he worked hard and was always found to be reliable. Around 1890, he ...

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Columbia University.

Your Moral Character Shown by the Light Above Your Head

In the realm of human understanding, moral character is often perceived as an intangible concept, something immaterial or beyond the grasp of the ordinary senses. Yet, beneath this surface perception lies a profound reality: Moral character is not merely a philosophical abstraction, but something intricately woven into the very fabric of existence. In fact, some ...

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A woman's aura.

Moral Integrity Brings Future Blessings

In many cultures, tales of moral integrity underscore the belief that virtuous behavior is often rewarded with future prosperity and success. These stories, drawn from historical anecdotes and folklore, serve as timeless reminders that maintaining your principles in the face of temptation can lead to blessings that extend beyond just you, benefiting future generations. The ...

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Water flowing from a bamboo tube into a pond with a lotus flower floating on the surface.

8 Exemplary Mothers of Ancient China: The Pillars of Virtue and Valor (Part 3)

Throughout history, the influence of mothers has been an unwavering force in shaping cultures, values, and even the destinies of nations. In ancient China, the adage “when you drink water, think of its source” underscores the deep-seated respect for maternal origins and the pivotal role of mothers in shaping character. As we delve into the ...

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The Faithless Wife: A Ming Dynasty Tale of Love and Deceit

In the Ming Dynasty, in the county of Lishui, Southern Zhili, there lived a young and exceptionally beautiful woman named Lin Sanniang. Her beauty was so renowned that she was the object of many young men’s daydreams. When it came time for her to marry, a local businessman named Chen De spent a considerable fortune ...

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Illustration of a couple inside their home during the Ming Dynasty in China.

Healing Old Wounds: Actress Sun Li’s Story of Family and Forgiveness

Sun Li’s journey from a tumultuous childhood to a place of peace and success is a powerful story of resilience and forgiveness. As a celebrated Chinese actress, she has not only made a mark in the entertainment industry, but also navigated the complex path of reconciling with a father she felt estranged from after her ...

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A father and daughter holding hands watching the setting sun.

‘Journey to the West’ Director Yang Jie’s Paranormal Encounters

In the following account, renowned Chinese director Yang Jie shares her personal encounters with the supernatural, offering a rare glimpse into the mysterious and often unspoken world of ghostly phenomena. Yang Jie’s personal account On October 2, 1987, we were filming the final scene of Journey to the West at the Qing Xiling Mausoleum, where ...

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Promotional poster for the 1986 Chinese TV series 'Journey to the West.'

A Call from Heaven: The Unexpected Gift Arranged by a Late Son

Losing a child is an unimaginable pain that can bring even the most vital individuals to their knees. For one couple in China, the loss of their son just before he was about to step into university life was a devastating blow. This article tells the heart-wrenching yet heartwarming story of a mother’s connection with ...

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Historical Plague Survival: The Oberammergau Story and the Dongguang County Mystery

Plagues have the power to topple the mightiest empires and disband the strongest armies. Seemingly impartial and ruthless, neither wealth nor power offer protection. Even a nation’s ruler can easily fall victim. Despite our advanced material and scientific civilization, we have not been immune to the indeterminate origins of current viral crises. However, plagues are ...

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Pieter Bruegel's painting 'The Triumph of Death,' depicting the Black Plague in Europe.

Emperor Tang Taizong: A Legacy of Seeking Talent in Ancient China

Emperor Tang Taizong, renowned for establishing one of the most formidable empires in history, owes much of his success to his exceptional talent in identifying and utilizing gifted individuals. A prominent example of his ability to discern talent was in the rise of Ma Zhou, who evolved from a humble background to become the Prime ...

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Illustration of the face of Emperor Tang Taizong.