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The End of Zunzi’s Cartoons: An Elegy for Press Freedom in Hong Kong

Zunzi, a renowned political cartoonist from Hong Kong, has been forced to cease publication in Ming Pao after a 40-year tenure, following six public criticisms from government officials. This event has sparked social concern, seen as a further crushing of the remnants of freedom in Hong Kong. Ngan Shun-kau, a commentator, believes that the Hong ...

Mikel Davis

Hong Kong cartoonist Zunzi with some of his cartoons.

Electric Automakers Forced to Share Real-Time Data With Chinese Government

The Chinese communist government routinely collects all kinds of data on its citizens as part of its surveillance system. Now, electric automakers are forced to share real-time data of their customer vehicles. Electric automakers sharing car data According to media reports, more than 200 auto manufacturers, including BMW, Daimler, and Tesla, have been sharing data with ...

Jack Roberts

Charging an electric car.