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Simplified Chinese Characters Are Destroying the Chinese Language

In China’s Commercial Press’s sixth edition of the Modern Chinese Dictionary, 239 English words, including “NBA,” have been added. After its publication, 100 scholars reported that this dictionary violates long-established Chinese language rules. They also accused the Commercial Press of Latinizing some Chinese characters, i.e., using English vocabulary to replace Chinese characters. Doing so causes severe destruction ...

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Traditional Chinese characters.

Be Polite and Learn to Say ‘I’m Sorry’

Manners are an extremely important part of any culture, especially when you are a visiting tourist and foreigner. It’s always good to know a few basic phrases so you can be polite. As a foreigner, you stick out like a sore thumb in any given social situation, and unfortunately likely to draw a lot of ...

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The 2 Most Important Aspects to Learning Chinese Characters

In understanding and learning Chinese characters and writing, it’s best to understand the various strokes used in writing Chinese characters. You also need to understand the individual components that come together to make up each character. Once you have a grasp on these two elements, you will understand how to use most Chinese dictionaries. Chinese ...

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Why You Should Start Learning Chinese Mandarin

Mandarin is already the most spoken language in the world with an estimated 1.2 billion speakers worldwide. Now, it is true that the use of the language is restricted to mostly China and Taiwan, unlike English, which is spoken in almost all countries. However, as its usage expands, learning Mandarin will ensure that you are ...

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Writing Chinese characters.