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Was Wan Hu Really an Ancient Chinese Astronaut?

Although serious space exploration began in the 20th century, the desire to explore beyond the Earth dates back much further. When it comes to investigating the sky, the Chinese may be the most persistent explorers on the planet, with numerous accounts of individuals, such as Wan Hu, attempting to reach the heavens over the course ...

Viena Abdon

Illustration of Wan Hu, an ancient Chinese official said to have traveled to the moon, sitting in his rocket chair.

The Best Feng Shui

In the past, there was a man who wanted to build a house, and he invited a feng shui master to check the location. Just as they got near it, they saw birds flying out of some trees. The man said to the feng shui master: “Let’s do this another time. There must be children ...

Nspirement Staff

Seolbong Park.

Compassionate Woman Receives Miraculous Blessing

There is a story in China about how a woman received a miraculous blessing from a beggar for her great compassion. Locals are still benefitting from this miraculous blessing. In China, at the foot of a mountain in Yidao County, Hubei Province, there are three mountain springs that gush out continuously. People living on the ...

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Mountains in China.

The Legend of 3 Little Swallows and the Son of Zhou

The Soushen Ji is a legendary Chinese novel. It is a compilation of Chinese legends, short stories, and hearsay regarding Chinese gods, Chinese ghosts, and other supernatural phenomena. Soushen Ji can be loosely translated as “In Search of the Sacred” or “In Search of the Supernatural.” One such story is The Legend of the Three Little Swallows ...

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