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Lessons from Ancient Chinese Statesmen: Tolerance Brings Blessings

The ancient Chinese placed great emphasis on self-cultivation and moral development, believing that tolerance was a form of wisdom. A generous spirit and a kind-hearted approach to others not only accumulated good deeds, but also attracted good fortune and improved the character of others. Leading with composure and tolerance During the era of the Three ...

Tatiana Denning

Illustration of Jiang Wan, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Shu during China's Warring States Period.

Can Xue: The Controversial Chinese Author Nominated for the Nobel Prize

Norwegian author Jon Fosse has been announced as the 2003 Nobel Prize in Literature recipient. Interestingly, however, he was second on the betting odds list for the prize, while topping the list was the Chinese female writer Can Xue. One might wonder how Can Xue, a figure of controversy and neglect in her homeland, became ...

Max Lu

Author Can Xue.

Lin Yutang: Enlightenment and Return of Faith and Tradition (Part 2)

Chinese literature, already captivating in its own right, takes on a new dimension when interpreted by Lin Yutang. His magnum opus, the novel Beijing Memories, narrates an authentic Chinese story in impeccable English. Notably, his English biographies on Empress Wu Zetian and Su Dongpo are equally celebrated. His books My Country and My People and ...

Mikel Davis

Statue of Lin Yutang outdoors in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China.

Lin Yutang: Enlightenment and Return of Faith and Tradition (Part 1)

In the late 19th century, in the town of Banzi in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, there was a notable figure named Lin Zhicheng. A priest by vocation, Lin was often seen ascending to the top of the church. There, he would raise the cross a little higher using steel bars imported from the U.S. Or, at ...

Mikel Davis

Black and white photo of Lin Yutang.

Song Dynasty Love Story: The Tale of Liu Tingyi

In the annals of Chinese history, some names shine brighter than others. Su Dongpo, also known as Su Shi, is one such luminary — a renowned poet, essayist, painter, and statesman of the Song Dynasty. His influence was vast, comparable to the likes of Shakespeare in the West. Su’s writings give us a profound window ...

Mikel Davis

Artwork titled 'Lone Scholar in the Autumn Woods' by Zhang Daqian, using ink and color on paper.

Famous Novelist Ni Kuang Predicted the Destruction of Hong Kong

Ni Kuang, a Hong Kong-based novelist, passed away on July 3, 2022, at the age of 87. His works are well-known and delve into a wide range of topics, especially in the Chinese world of science fiction. About 40 years ago, his novel Chasing the Dragon predicted the destruction of a “big city in the east.” The ...

Michael Segarty

Ni Kuang and some of his novels