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Ukrainian Know-How Used to Build Chinese Naval Power (Part 2)

In Part 1, we discussed Chinese naval power and discovered that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s aircraft carrier Liaoning, along with their first J-15 carrier-based aircraft the QC280 gas turbine and subsequent warships, all originated from Ukrainian technology and know-how. Chinese naval power came from Ukraine In addition to the above, the CCP purchased four ...

Michael Segarty

A docked Ukraine-built 'Zubr' amphibious hovercraft.

Ukrainian Know-How Used to Build Chinese Naval Power (Part 1)

Which country has helped build the Chinese Navy? It is neither Russia nor the Soviet Union, nor the United States. It is Ukraine that is responsible for Chinese naval power. Ukraine is the second-largest republic of the former Soviet Union, after Russia. Ukraine was an important R&D and production base for the USSR Navy during the ...

Michael Segarty

Big ship under repair on a floating dry dock in shipyard.

China’s Third Aircraft Carrier Expected to Be Launched Soon

China’s latest Type 003 aircraft carrier may launch in early 2022, according to satellite imagery analysis. The upcoming aircraft carrier may be on par with its U.S. counterparts. The news has been revealed by a think tank based in Washington, the Center for Strategic and Internal Studies (CSIS), which provided satellite images that show a ...

Max Lu

China's Type 003 aircraft carrier under construction.

U.S. Battle Force: A Fleet of 500 Naval Ships by 2045

Mark Esper, U.S. Defense Secretary, recently announced the country’s naval fleet plans. Dubbed “Battle Force 2045,” Esper revealed that the U.S. Navy might potentially have a fleet of 500 unmanned and manned ships by the year 2045. By 2035, the country could have 355 traditional Battle Force ships. The plan will apparently align with the ...

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The USS Bataan returns to its homeport at Norfolk, Virginia.

Second Chinese Aircraft Carrier Enters Official Service

Launched over two years ago, China’s first home-built aircraft carrier was put into service on Dec. 17 in a ceremony attended by Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Sanya, on the southern island province of Hainan.  Christened Shandong, the vessel’s class is 002, a modified version of China’s first carrier, the Type 001 Liaoning. That ship ...

Max Lu

China’s Shandong Type 002 aircraft carrier.

Anne-Marie Brady Hits Back at Chinese Ambassador’s Claims

Anne-Marie Brady is a professor of politics at Canterbury University in New Zealand and a well-respected expert on China. Her fearless criticism of Beijing’s aggressive and domineering policies has made her a threat in the eyes of the Communist Party. In early 2018, several pro-China thugs broke into Anne-Marie Brady’s home. Chinese Ambassador to New ...

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Anne Marie Brady.