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Shen Yun Under Siege: Unmasking Beijing’s War on Traditional Chinese Arts

You may have already watched or heard of a Shen Yun performance, especially given it’s been touring the world for over a decade. But for those unfamiliar with Shen Yun Performing Arts — it’s a non-profit traditional Chinese dance and music performance backed by a symphony orchestra that blends Western and Chinese instruments. Multiple Shen ...

James Burke

Traditional Chinese dancers during a Shen Yun Performing Arts performance.

How China Exploits Your Web Search Results

State-run media in China use specific search engine optimization strategies to place stories favoring the communist-ruled country at the top of online search results outside of China. This is not exactly new, as China tried misusing popular social media platforms and influencers to project a positive image during the pandemic. However, this move affects opinion ...

Max Lu

Google logo on a computer screen.

How Amazon Supports the China Propaganda Machine

With time, several U.S. and European-origin companies have either quit China operations or scaled down their activities owing to an unfavorable political and human rights atmosphere. However, one exception is Amazon, the popular e-commerce giant which has managed to thrive in China. In one example, Amazon was marketing a collection of President Xi Jinping’s speeches ...

Max Lu

China Books: China International Book Trading Corporation.

Beijing Outsources Its Propaganda to YouTube Influencers

The instances of Chinese entities creating numerous fake accounts on Twitter and Facebook to spread pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rhetoric and getting banned eventually have made headlines. Now, it seems that Beijing is trying other means to spread pro-CCP propaganda across the globe. It uses a handful of popular YouTube influencers who have sizable fan ...

Max Lu

YouTube video on a laptop.

Beijing’s Attempts to Shape Global Narratives Cannot Be Equated With ‘Telling China’s Story’

It is a well-known fact that social media has a great impact on society today. Many countries have implemented sophisticated tactics to influence social media to shape global narratives. However, there are some nations that have great influence over social media beyond their borders by employing various technologies and human resources to implement disinformation campaigns. ...

Max Lu

Twitter on a mobile phone.

French Journalist Attacking Uyghur Genocide Reports Doesn’t Appear to Exist

A list of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) fakery would be endless, but one of the latest examples is the apparent use of a fake French journalist attacking Uyghur genocide reports. In an article published by the regime’s propaganda broadcaster CGTN, a so-called French journalist identified as “Laurene Beaumond” attacked international concerns that genocide is being ...

Rory Karsten

Chinese newspaper fake news article.

The New York Times Removes Chinese Propaganda From Its Website

The New York Times (NYT) has removed hundreds of advertorials from Chinese state-backed China Daily that were propagating Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda. The decision is apparently part of the outlet’s new policy to stop accepting branded content ads from state-backed media. Removing Chinese propaganda Even though the NYT has published numerous articles exposing the ...

Jack Roberts

The New York Times building.

Over 2,500 YouTube Channels Banned for Running Chinese Propaganda

Google recently deleted over 2,500 YouTube channels that were spreading disinformation through the platform. The channels have links to Beijing and were removed between April and June this year as part of the company’s investigation into influence operations being conducted by the Chinese regime. Combating Chinese propaganda on YouTube According to Google, the YouTube channels ...

Jack Roberts

A YouTube video.