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Mass Incarceration: 3 Million Uyghurs in Chinese Internment Camps

Up until now, it was estimated that the Chinese communist government had detained almost a million Uyghurs in internment camps. But according to new research by the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement, a U.S.-based group that seeks independence for Xinjiang, the real number could be well over 3 million. Internment camps The group has identified ...

Max Lu

An elderly Uyghur man with prayer beads.

Uyghurs Demand of China: ‘Prove Our Relatives Are Safe and Free’

After China said that most of the Uyghurs being detained at internment camps in Xinjiang had been released, Uyghurs living abroad demanded that Beijing prove their claim. Many Uyghurs living in the West have taken a dim view of the Chinese Communist Party’s statements, saying that their relatives are still incarcerated in the camps. Uyghur ...

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A banner to close the Uyghur camps.

UNHRC: 22 Countries Sign Letter Against China’s Re-Education Camps

China is being pressured to stop its mass detention of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities by an unprecedented letter issued by the United Nations Human Rights Council ambassadors from 22 countries. Fate of Uyghurs in China’s re-education camps “We call on China to uphold its national laws and international obligations and to respect human rights ...

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A Uyghur family in Xinjiang.