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The Lasting Influence of the Qian Family: A Legacy of Virtue and Success

The Qian family, a name deeply etched in the annals of Chinese history, surprises many by ranking second in the “Hundred Family Surnames.” This narrative uncovers the profound impact of the Qian family’s virtues and decisions, drawing a line from the ancient Kingdom of Wuyue to today’s distinguished scholars and leaders. Unveiling the historical significance ...

Hermann Rohr

The King Qian Temple.

What’s in a Chinese Name?

Chinese names can be puzzling for those not familiar with the Chinese language and culture. In the Chinese language and culture, it’s common practice to start from big to small. For example, addresses will start from the country and move down to the house number, and names always start with the surname first. Therefore, someone ...

Max Lu

Three generations of a Chinese family.