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Have China’s Communists Created Mind-Reading Software?

China is a land of ancient wonders and technological surprises. Recently, an artificial intelligence (AI) lab in Hefei in China’s Anhui Province claims to have developed mind-reading software that can measure Chinese Communist Party members’ allegiance — a claim that, if true, would be both technologically interesting and ethically concerning. No doubt then, that China’s ...

Ratul Saha

Mind-reading software.

China Manipulates International Organizations in Its Effort to Control the World

The entire world has been witnessing the growing influence of communist China on international agencies during the last several years. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) clandestinely manipulates world agencies according to their whims and agenda. The COVID-19 pandemic has unveiled a glaring instance of this malign influence through the offices of the World Health Organisation ...

Jack Roberts

The United Nations.