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Different Types of Clouds and Their Characteristics

You may see a cloud every time you gaze up into the sky. Generally, when water condenses in the atmosphere, clouds will form. A cloud is comprised of many tiny water droplets and other elements floating in the air. And as they get dense and saturated with these droplets, they spill forth rain onto the ...

Viena Abdon

Cirrostratus clouds.

Clouds That Resemble Ocean Waves

Cloud formations can sometimes share a resemblance to some objects in the world. Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds are one such type of cloud — they look like ocean waves. These are named after two 19th-century scientists who devoted their time to learning about them. Wave clouds The two scientists, Hermann von Helmholtz and Lord Kelvin, studied how ...

Nspirement Staff

Kelvin-Helmholtz wave clouds.

Clouds on Jupiter Rising Up Above the Surrounding Atmosphere

Though it looks like it to us, clouds on Jupiter do not form a flat surface. Some of Jupiter’s clouds rise up above the surrounding cloud tops. The two bright spots in the right-center of this image are much higher than the surrounding clouds. Jupiter’s clouds extend deep into the planet Jupiter’s atmosphere is a ...

Troy Oakes

Jupiter's swirling clouds.

Clouds Have Moderated Warming Triggered by Climate Change

Led by Swansea University’s Tree Ring Research Group, researchers from Sweden, Finland, and Norway analyzed the information contained in the rings of ancient pine trees from northern Scandinavia to reveal how clouds have reduced the impact of natural phases of warmth in the past. Clouds are doing so again now to moderate the warming caused ...

Troy Oakes

Clouds over trees and a field.