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The Resurgence of Farmers Markets: Thriving in the U.S. Since the Pandemic

Farmers markets in the United States have showcased remarkable resilience amidst the difficulties brought about by the pandemic. These lively marketplaces have become indispensable pillars of community life, offering access to fresh, nutritious products, promoting sustainable agriculture, and fostering cultural diversity. This article explores the evolution and significance of these markets, highlighting their role in ...

Viena Abdon

Summer farmers market on Main Street in Parker, Colorado.

Consumers Will Pay More for Ready‑to‑Eat Meals Made With Fewer Ingredients

Most consumers care about the technology and the ingredients used to make their microwavable dinners and other shelf-ready meals, according to a new study led by Washington State University researchers. The study found that many consumers are willing to pay a premium for ready‑to‑eat meals with a “clean label” showing few ingredients. They are also ...

Troy Oakes

The frozen food section at a supermarket.

Chinese Millennials and Modern Fashion Ads

Chinese Millennials are far more conscious of fashion than previous generations. Being more independent and connected to global trends, the Millennials are willing to experiment more with their clothes and accessories. Some of the trends that Chinese Millennials are watching out for in fashion ads Diversity China, for the most part, is racially uniform. However, ...

Raven Montmorency

Two female Chinese Millennials shopping.

Here’s How Chinese Millennials Will Influence the World

Millennials are taking the world by storm. From leading the corporate world to owning businesses, from adapting cultures to creating new ones, and from following to influencing, this is the era of the Millennials. Growing up in a technologically advanced and fast-paced society, Chinese Millennials have become affluent, tech-savvy, confident, and agents of fresh ideas. ...

Max Lu

Chinese Millennials.

Chinese Millennials, a Curious Mix of Consumerism and Nationalism

Chinese Millennials might well be the most unique group of people. Typically, the world’s Millennial population is characterized by a consumerist lifestyle and excessively liberal beliefs that scoff at the idea of nationalism, choosing to profess their “world without borders and divisions” ideologies. Even though the Chinese Millennials are as consumerist as their Western counterparts, ...

Nspirement Staff

Two Chinese young women shopping.

The Good and Bad of Increasing Minimum Wages for Disney Workers

Disney recently announced an increase in the minimum wages of its employees at the Disneyland Resort in California and Disney World Florida. The move is expected to make other companies in the region increase the minimum wages of their workers.   Increasing minimum wages  At the Disneyland Resort, workers had been agitating for months for ...

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