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Blossoming Heroines: The Story of Chunyu Tiying in Ancient China (Part 2)

Under the relatively quiet, unchanged starry sky, China, in comparison, has experienced many changes in dynasties, from the Spring and Autumn periods up to the Jin Dynasty. During the Jin Dynasty, a young girl (Chunyu Tiying) used her written talent, wisdom, courage, and bravery to save her father. In the night sky of history, Chunyu ...

Max Lu

Corporal punishment.

How a Courageous Daughter Saved Her Father and Made History

To save her father, a young girl courageously wrote a petition to the Emperor 2,000 years ago. Ban Gu (A.D. 32-92), a Chinese historian and politician, wrote a poem in her praise. The courageous daughter was Chunyu Tiying of the Han Dynasty. Tiying‘s father, Chunyu Yi, rose from a humble beginning in Shandong Province, China, ...

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Chunyu Tiying.