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The Secret to Longevity: A Look Into the Oldest Company in the World (Part 2)

The journey of the Kongō Gumi, a company with over a millennium of history, has been anything but smooth. In 1868, during the first year of the Meiji era, Emperor Meiji implemented the “Shinto and Buddhism Separation Order,” leading to the destruction of many Buddhist temples. This policy stripped the Four Heavenly Kings of their ...

Max Lu

A black and white photo of Kongō Gumi employees from 1930.

The Secret to Longevity: A Look Into the Oldest Company in the World (Part 1)

A report published by the Tokyo Business Research Company reveals the key to longevity for Japanese enterprises: integrity and staying private. Among the many centuries-old businesses, the oldest is Kongō Gumi, a temple construction company established during the Asuka period now boasting a history of 1,440 years. Longevity secrets unveiled The Japan Imperial Database surveyed ...

Max Lu

Shitennoji Temple in Osaka, Japan.