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Keeping Traditional Crafts Alive in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the island drawing millions of tourists worldwide, has numerous things to see and do, for sure. However, its attractions are not limited to the delectable cuisine, swanky shopping malls, ancient temples, and glitzy theme parks. The tourists exploring Hong Kong are also enticed by its traditional crafts that are being passed from one ...

Emma Lu

Young Asian woman wearing a traditional red and gold kwan kwa wedding dress.

Blacksmith Makes Knives From Exploded Chinese Bombs

It’s common for archaeologists and others to discover the remains of dropped bombs at places of warfare. However, it is quite rare to see artisans who use un-exploded bombs in their works. The news of a Taiwanese blacksmith turning Chinese bombs into knives has made headlines. Wu Tseng-dong, a blacksmith living on Kinmen Island, is ...

Max Lu

The red wall of Maestro Wu's Knife Shop

Japanese Carpenters: Constructing Buildings Without Nails or Screws

Is it possible to set up residential buildings and other structures without using metal fasteners like nails and screws? For the majority of people, the idea would seem improbable and unrealistic. Yet, the reality is that traditional Japanese carpenters have been using a technique of building structures without using metal parts for several centuries. Japan ...

Max Lu

Kaidan-in Temple, Fukuoka, Japan.