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Palantir Lashes Out at Silicon Valley Ahead of NYSE Listing

Palantir Technologies recently released its prospectus ahead of its IPO, aiming to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (under symbol PLTR) starting September 23. In a letter written to investors, CEO Alex Karp ripped apart Silicon Valley for what he believes is their unpatriotic behavior and stressed that his company will strongly stand ...

Jack Roberts

How the U.S. Uses Palantir Surveillance Technology to Track Undocumented Families

Palantir Technologies is a company from California that specializes in big data analysis. Founded by Peter Thiel, the company has been the center of controversy for selling software that allows the U.S. administration to track undocumented families. Tracking people Palantir’s law enforcement tools allow any U.S. investigator, detective, or agent to access information on an ...

Jack Roberts

Palantir Technologies.

Palantir: The World’s Most Powerful Data Collection and Analysis Tool

It was when the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke out that many people first heard the name of Palantir Technologies. And that is kind of surprising since the company literally offers one of the most powerful tools for data collection and analysis in the world. Palantir Technologies Palantir remains a very secretive company and was named ...

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