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Porcelain, One of the Most Exquisite Chinese Inventions

Porcelain, as indicated by its popular name “china,” or “fine china,” is one of the grandest Chinese inventions and dates back to the Eastern Han Dynasty (196-220). The Chinese term for it is Ci (瓷) or Ciqi (瓷器). The term comes from the Italian “porcellana,” which originally referred to a kind of white cowrie shell. ...

Max Lu

Porcelain plate with a decorative background showing details of the vintage blue and white willow pattern.

What Was China Like 1,000 Years Ago

A thousand years ago, every city in the world turned pitch black at night, except for China, which was ablaze with bright and cheerful lights. In the evening, most major cities were peaceful and quiet, but in China, a lot of cities were crowded with people absorbed in song and laughter. Ancient Chinese cities had ...

Emma Lu

Tree decorated with red lanterns during the Chinese New Year with ancient Chinese buildings in the background.

White Gold: The Cultural Heritage of European Porcelain

The wealthy use numerous utensils made of various materials, including metals like silver and exquisite materials like bone china. However, porcelain cutlery is often associated with elegance and elevated taste. In European royal and well-to-do families, the craze for such cutlery is well known. Porcelain in its original form was reportedly made first in China ...

Jack Roberts

Meissen tea and coffee service.