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6 Tips to Have a Good Relationship With Your Parents

As you transition into adulthood, your relationship with your parents evolves. Although you become more independent, your relationship with them is still very important.  To keep a good connection with your parents, you and they need to work at it and understand each other. 6 tips for getting along with your parents. 1. Do your ...

Viena Abdon

African American couple with their teenage son.

Smartphone Addiction: How Phubbing May Be Undermining Your Parenting

Parenting is a complex journey of nurturing, protecting, and guiding children toward independence. While no universal manual exists, parenting choices significantly influence a child’s development. In the modern, technology-driven world, the pervasive use of smartphones presents a new set of challenges, possibly hindering children’s growth and affecting family dynamics. The integration of smartphones into daily ...

Nathan Machoka

Dad sitting on the couch using his smartphone and ignoring his bored, young daughter.

The 5 Love Languages

Your “love language” refers to how you like to show, or be shown, love. According to Dr. Garry Chapman, speaker, marriage counselor, and author of The 5 Love Languages, there are five primary ways people receive and express love in a relationship. The 5 love languages include quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, ...

Nathan Machoka

A woman holding a red fabric heart.

Investing Quality Time in Your Inner Circle

Humans are intrinsically social beings and need to spend quality time together. As a species, it’s been hardwired into us to live within a community framework. Of course, there are definitely other examples of community-based existence in the animal kingdom, like baboons or even elephants for that matter. However, what makes humans different is how ...

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Asian family at the table. Father, two children and a mother reaching from inbetween the children passing the father a green salad bowl.