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Charlie Chaplin’s Greatest Speech Ever Made Has Never Been More Relevant

If you haven’t seen what is considered Charlie Chaplin’s greatest speech from The Great Dictator, then you must, and watch it again after that. If you’ve already seen it, then you’ll understand what an amazing speech it is. While it was a satirical political comedy-drama aimed squarely at Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, what Chaplin says remains ...

James Burke

Charlie Chaplin in the 'globe scene' sitting on a desk holding a globe dressed as a dictator for the movie 'The Great Dictator.'

Communism: The Great Deceiver

Communism was originally formed as a fair means of governance wherein everyone in society has an equal opportunity, eliminating the distinctions cropping up between different labor categories or societal strata. And, therein, lies its deceit. As a concept, it projects the potential for the overall empowerment of the people in every segment of industry or ...

Max Lu

A bust of Karl Marx.