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Tourists ‘Cursed’ by Stealing Artifacts from Pompeii 

Pompeii’s historical ancient city has attracted countless tourists over the years. Visiting the Italian site is the experience of a lifetime for many visitors, and some have taken home souvenirs from the site to remember their trip. However, there are hundreds of tales of “bad luck” ensuing, causing many to believe that anyone who steals ...

Tatiana Denning

'The Last Day of Pompeii.'

15 Tips to Remember When Visiting Japan

Japan is a sophisticated nation acclaimed for its friendliness and hospitality. If you don’t want to make a fool of yourself while visiting Japan, pay attention to the following. 15 tips when visiting Japan 1. Don’t eat while you walk. 2. Don’t chat on your cell phone on public transport. If you have to use ...

Max Lu

Japanese building overlooking Mount Fuji.