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Detox: 5 Simple Ways to Reduce Exposure to Toxins

Detox has been a hot topic, and it’s not just for the super-health-conscious folks or the crunchy people who eat only quinoa and kale anymore. Toxins affect all of us, and just by changing a few things to clean up your life, you can see a dramatic difference in your health, especially if you’re trying ...

Sheridan Genrich

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China’s Rare Earths: The Grave Environmental Consequences

Rare earths refer to a group of 17 elements that are vital to the tech industry and are used in a large variety of sectors like communications, the military, renewables, transportation, and so on.  China is the world leader in rare earth production, accounting for almost 90 percent of the global supply. However, the country’s ...

Max Lu

Rare earth mining.