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The Love Story of Zhang Hongchi and Wang Xiuzhu Embraced 3 Generations (Part 2)

In 1961, Wang Xiuzhu confided in her sister that she lacked education and feared being looked down upon by her husband in the future. She began self-studying and sought employment in Beijing. After several attempts, the local office arranged for her to work at a sewing factory. She resolutely brought her parents-in-law to Beijing to ...

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A sewing machine.

The Love Story of Zhang Hongchi and Wang Xiuzhu Embraced 3 Generations (Part 1)

On November 5, 2009, around 3 p.m., Zhang Hongchi, an 84-year-old economist, suffered a sudden heart attack. While being rushed to the hospital, he briefly regained consciousness. He grasped his son Zhang Cheng’s hand and laboriously instructed: “If I don’t make it, you and your brother must take good care of Aunt Wang.” Aunt Wang ...

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A man having a heart attack.

A Priceless Truth: What Man Sows Is What Man Reaps

The story of Jia Mou and Luo Mou highlights the detrimental effect of taking advantage of others. Once again, the following tale enlightens the world’s people about the timeless law that Heaven and Earth know what is in man’s heart: What man sows is what he reaps, and Heaven is weighing everything mankind does. The ...

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On the man's left is an arid landscape with deep cracks in the parched earth and a sandstorm in the distance. On his right is a beautiful expanse of lush, green grass as far as the eye can see with blue sky and a few puffy white clouds overhead.

Businessman Loses Investment in China, but Gains the Truth

One day in April, businessman Liao Jinzhang, 60, closed his business in the southern Chinese city of Dongguan after more than 20 years and became one of the “runners,” returning to his native Taiwan. The idea of joining the ranks of the “runners” crossed his mind last year when power restrictions and blackouts across China ...

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A pile of Taiwanese money.

Perform Extraordinary Miracles With Just One Sincere Thought

This is a story about devout thought from the compilations in Liezi, an ancient Chinese philosophical text. An elderly farmer named Shangqiu Kai whose family was impoverished and often suffered from hunger. One day, two men from the wealthy family of Fan Zihua stayed at Shangqiu’s house as guests.  In their chat, they said that Fan ...

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Mountain lake with the sun behind the clouds.

‘Live Not by Lies’: Standing Up for the Truth

Truth has become a precious commodity in an age where “fake news” is rampant. A book that marvelously depicts this relationship is Live Not by Lies. The following article reviews this engaging work by an author who made it his mission to stay true to the premise of truth and freedom to speak up.  Rod ...

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Blocks spelling fake and fact.

A Story of Socrates (and How He Dealt With Fake News)

In this age of deception, a story about Socrates remains relevant. The famous Greek philosopher teaches us how to deal with rumors — in other words, fake news. It began with Socrates taking his usual strolls to the gym, when suddenly, one of his disciples ran up to him, and in an eager voice, called out ...

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A statue of Socrates.

Study: Scientific Reproducibility Is Not Scientific Truth

Reproducible scientific results are not always true and true scientific results are not always subject to reproducibility, according to a mathematical model produced by University of Idaho researchers. Their study, which simulates the search for that scientific truth, was published in the journal PLOS ONE. Independent confirmation of scientific results — known as reproducibility — ...

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Running a scientific experiment.

A Man Who Was Unable to Accept the Truth

The following story is from the book Han Feizi, based on Han Feizi’s political career during the Warring States Period, about a man who could not accept the truth. A long time ago in ancient China, a visitor came to the province of Henan. His appearance suggested that he was strong. This man had never ...

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A brown bull stands placidly in a green pasture.