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How to Get the Most Out of Your Sleep

There’s a saying: “Medicine nourishes less than food, and food nourishes less than sleep.” Indeed, it can be considered the premier form of rejuvenation. As the proverb goes: “A good night’s sleep revitalizes you, while a restless night drains your energy.” Hence, the quality of sleep is closely tied to our overall health. The risks ...

Mikel Davis

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Yin and Yang in the Body: 5 Tips to Preserve Energy in Winter

In winter, the wind is cold, the grass and trees are withered, and all living things go into hiding. The human body’s Yang energy also goes into hiding. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Yang energy refers to the body’s warmth, energy, and vitality, so in winter, your body naturally tries to conserve energy and warmth ...

Trisha Haddock

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Preserve Your Kidneys’ Yang Qi to Resist Spring Diseases

Preserving your kidneys’ yang qi is important for resisting spring diseases. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it is said that winter is a time for the kidneys. The kidneys are very important in TCM as: They store your essence from your parents; They store the “jing” that is responsible for your mental and physical development, and is the basis for whether you can reproduce; ...

Wilma Oakes

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Improper Bathing Times May Make You Sick

Improper bathing times can have unforeseen consequences. I have a female student who is a piano teacher. The melodies she plays are exquisite and pleasant to listen to, but she often lowers her head for fear that people might see her face. Her face is filled with acne, making her feel upset and lacking in ...

Helen London

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6 Ways to Strengthen Your Self-Healing Power

The body’s self-healing power comes from the body’s Yang Qi. Adequate Yang Qi leads to longevity, while insufficient Yang Qi can lead to all kinds of diseases. This self-healing power is your body’s ability to repair itself by use of its inner life force, and it provides the most benefits to your immune system. This ...

David Jirard

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Healthy Ways to Preserve Yang Qi for Women’s Health

Yang is the masculine component in the yin-yang composite, but the preservation of Yang Qi is vital for women’s health. Yang Qi is also called vital energy. When people say a person’s vital energy is severely damaged, that means Yang Qi has been injured. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine defines it and says: ...

Helen London

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