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Yanzi: A Statesman Who Used Wisdom to Resolve Difficult Situations (Part 2)

As discussed in Part 1, Yanzi was a famous statesman, philosopher, and diplomat of Qi during China’s Spring and Autumn Period. He is known for his great wisdom in handling complex and seemingly impossible situations.  Providing for those who are suffering A person’s good words and deeds are worthy of praise and encourage others to ...

Tatiana Denning

Two turtles representing wisdom.

Harmony: A Precious Element in Traditional Chinese Culture

In the long history of Chinese civilization, harmony has always been a highly valued virtue. Chinese people have always put an emphasis on harmony. It encompasses the fundamental principles of nature, society, and humanity. It is also a prerequisite for cultivating one’s morality, protecting one’s family, governing one’s nation, and stabilizing the world. Harmony is ...

Armin Auctor

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