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Rice Water for Your Hair: A Trending Tradition from China’s Yao Community

People, especially women, leave no stone unturned to get lustrous long hair. Sometimes, it is about genetics, but the application of specific hair care solutions also helps in getting healthy, long hair. For China’s Yao women, it’s rice water. The nice thing is that you are not limited to using store-bought hair care solutions like ...

Max Lu

A wooden spoon with white rice over the cooking pot.

The Red Yao Women of the ‘Long Hair Village’ in China

The red Yao women are a minority ethnic group from the Huangluo Yao Village, northwest of Longsheng County in China’s Guangxi Province. Their village is also popularly known by the alias “Long Hair Village.” The females among this ethnic group have an average hair length of 2.3 meters (about 7 feet). They usually keep their ...

Hermann Rohr