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Why the Color Yellow Filled the World of Ancient Chinese Culture

According to legend, the patriarch of Chinese civilization was the Yellow Emperor. The birthplace of Chinese civilization was the Yellow Earth Plateau (Loess Plateau). The cradle of the Chinese nation was the Yellow River, and the descendants of the Yellow Emperor have yellowish skin. Since ancient times, the color yellow has been an integral part ...

Jessica Kneipp

A golden buddha statue with a yellow robe.

Chinese Idiom Explained: ‘Humbled by the Vast Ocean’

There is a Chinese idiom about how one gets “humbled by the vast ocean.” This quote is mostly used in the context of teaching a person to remain humble despite having power since there will always be someone else more powerful than them. The idiom The Yellow River was considered special in ancient China. After ...

Emma Lu

Sunrays shing through clouds over the ocean.

One of the World’s Oldest and Largest Fish Is Now Extinct

Chinese paddlefish, which reached up to 23 feet in length, have become extinct according to a recent paper published in the journal Science of the Total Environment. The species survived on Earth for almost 200 million years and was driven to extinction due to human activity. An extinct species Chinese paddlefish were native to the ...

Armin Auctor

A Chinese paddlefish.

Luoyang: Ancient China’s Cradle of Civilization

One of my Chinese friends in Germany exclaimed enthusiastically: “The old imperial city of Luoyang, with her peonies and poetry from the Tang Dynasty, for me is an expression of peace, riches, and of harmony long ago; something that impresses me deeply.” He spoke of the central Chinese city in positively glowing terms; Luoyang was ...

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