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8 Foods That Can Be Your Spiritual Antidote

Amid your busy daily life, you often face various pressures and conflicts. Behind these seemingly trivial matters lie deeper issues of poor communication and accumulated stress. Dr. Lobsang Gyaltsen presents an interesting viewpoint regarding food in his book Preventive Medicine: The Tibetan Art of Healing Body and Mind. You can improve physical health, bring peace ...

Emma Lu

A paste made from black sesame seeds.

How to Bake Without Eggs: 8 DIY Egg Substitutes

Eggs are a healthy and excellent source of proteins. Not only are they low in calories and rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, but also there are several ways to use them. They are easy to prepare and quite affordable in most parts of the world.  They also feature in many baking recipes. Eggs help ...

Nathan Machoka

A basket of eggs.