8 Magical Uses of Tea Bags

Used tea bags stacked up on a small saucer in front of a black cup with white polka dots.
Tea bags have many properties that you may not be aware of. (Image: Mario Claudio Boh via Dreamstime)

Tea bags have many properties that you may not be aware of.

Try these tea bag hacks to make your life easier

1. Heal cracked lips

The polyphenols in tea leaves can speed up the regeneration of the skin. Press a wet teabag to the lip 3-5 times each week to help cracked lips heal.

2. Relieve sunburned skin

Soak black tea bags in cold water and cover the sunburned skin with them to relieve pain. If the size of sunburned skin is extensive, put about 10 tea bags in the tub and take a bath.

3. Relieve bruises

Placing wet tea bags on a bruise for about 5 minutes can help shrink blood vessels and relieve swelling and inflammation.

The used tea bag is on a stand on the table.
Placing a wet tea bag on the area for 5 minutes can help relieve a bruise. (Image: Margarita Plaksina via Dreamstime)

4. Stop bleeding of the gums

Biting a wet tea bag where you have bleeding gums may stop the bleeding and relieve the pain.

5. Remove unpleasant odors

Tea leaves can remove various odors by absorbing them. Put used dry tea leaves into bags made by gauze and put them wherever unpleasant orders may develop — the refrigerator, the kitchen, the bathroom, the closet, inside the shoes, etc.

6. Clean mirrors and windows

Clean the mirror or window with a wet tea bag first, then wipe the mirror with a piece of dry cloth to make it clean and bright.

Window with curtains and flowers.
You can use a tea bag to clean mirrors and windows. (Image: Osons163 via Dreamstime)

7. Remove burner scale

Burner scale sticking to the bottom of pots and pans is hard to remove. Throw 1 or 2 tea bags in hot water in the pot or pan. The next day, the burner scale will have been removed by the tannins in the tea leaves and it can be washed away easily.

8. Prevent rust

Rust develops easily on iron pots, which spoils one’s appetite. Rub the inner surface of the pot with wet tea bags after cleaning the pot. A protective coating will form to prevent the iron pot from gathering rust.

Translated by Audrey

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