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Why Food Is the Best Medicine

Many Chinese believe that food is the best medicine and that essential food, such as potatoes and nuts, are what we need most to maintain good health. A Tokyo University study examined the relationship between food and cholesterol and determined that sweet potatoes work ten times better than 130 other foods at reducing cholesterol levels. Two ...

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Stuffed sweet potatoes on a baking tray.

The Story of the Yellow Crane Tower

Many legendary stories by the famous Chinese Taoist Immortal Lu Dongbin have been passed down through history. However, one notable story occurred in the city of Wuhan, located in Hubei Province. This story depicts Lu Dongbin and the Yellow Crane Tower, one of the four most famous buildings in the Jiangnan region. Lu Dongbin once ...

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The Yellow Crane Tower.

Humane Ways to Stop Prehistoric Ants Entering Your Home

You may start seeing ants in your home when the weather heats up. Although it’s easy to see them as a nuisance and treat them as a pest, they are believed to have originated at the end of the Mesozoic Era, in a time known as the Cretaceous, some 145 to 66 million years ago. According ...

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Ants entering a home.

‘Pandemic’: Enhance Your Immunity With Dual Cross-Legged Meditation 

Chinese Medicine holds that the meridian system determines a person’s health status. If the meridian system is blocked, your energy will not circulate freely in the body and illnesses will develop. With dual cross-legged meditation, you can open up your meridian system and boost your immunity to help resist the COVID-19 virus. What is the ...

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Young man sitting on a rocky outcropping in double leg-crossed meditation with the ocean and blue sky in the background.

Medicinal Properties of Irish Moss

By Anthony Langstone, courtesy of New Land Magazine During the potato famine of 19th century Ireland, Irish moss saved thousands of people from starvation. Also known as carrageen moss (meaning moss of the rock in Irish), it is named after the coastal town of Carragheen in southeastern Ireland. It is also found on the northern ...

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Seaweed along the waterline at the beach.

8 Must-Know Cauliflower Health Benefits

Cauliflower is one of my grandma’s favorite vegetables. Though, personally, I’m not a big fan of this creamy white “flower,” I have to admit it does have wonderful health benefits. Because of this, cauliflower is also called a “super-food.” 8 major benefits of eating cauliflower 1. Fights cancer You ingest sulforaphane when eating cauliflower. As “one of the ...

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A dish of baked cauliflower with cheese sitting on a wooden table next to two wooden spoons.

5 Foods High in Collagen for Supple Skin and Healthy Joints

Skincare regimes we all buy into promise younger, dewier, plumper, more youthful skin. Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle serums, creams, and elixirs flood the market and our consciousness. But who would have thought that a simple protein called collagen could be part of the key to an enduring youthful appearance? What is collagen and why is it important? ...

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Foods that contain collagen.

The Symbolism of Plants and Flowers Displayed During Chinese Celebrations

The Chinese frequently use plants and flowers to celebrate the holidays, including Chinese New Year. For the Chinese, all plants and flowers are symbolic. What plants and flowers symbolize Lucky bamboo: symbol of safety and peace Lucky bamboo looks like bamboo, but it isn’t bamboo. The name is given because of its beautiful shape, and it’s ...

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Lucky bamboo in a saucer on a table.

8 Magical Uses of Tea Bags

Tea bags have many properties that you may not be aware of. Try these tea bag hacks to make your life easier 1. Heal cracked lips The polyphenols in tea leaves can speed up the regeneration of the skin. Press a wet teabag to the lip 3-5 times each week to help cracked lips heal. 2. Relieve sunburned skin Soak black ...

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Used tea bags stacked up on a small saucer in front of a black cup with white polka dots.

These 5 Foods Can Help Prevent Atherosclerosis

Many people think that cardiovascular disease occurs only in the elderly. In recent years, however, reports of heart attacks, strokes, or sudden death in middle-aged or young people suggest that a broader range of the population is now at risk from atherosclerosis. Dirty pipes We frequently compare blood vessels to water pipes. Dirt can accumulate ...

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A man having a heart attack.