5 Herbs and Flowers That Are Great for Your Body

Pouring a cup of mint tea.
Mint can calm the body and relieve a dry throat. (Image: Nitr via Dreamstime)

Certain factors, such as genes, exercise, diet, and a person’s environment, can benefit your health. In addition, certain herbs and flowers, even if not ingested, can also be beneficial to your health.

These 5 herbs and flowers can provide specific health benefits, according to traditional Chinese medicine

1. Mint

Potted mint is ornamental and very beautiful. Many herbs and flowers make excellent teas. Place several fresh mint leaves into a cup and add hot water and honey to taste. Drink 3 to 5 cups a day. Mint can calm the body and relieve a dry throat. If you feel dizzy, place two mint leaves on your temples to help reduce the symptoms.

Many herbs and flowers have health benefits.
Basil is among many herbs and flowers that have several health benefits. (Image: via Pixabay)

2. Basil

Basil also has several health benefits. Place 3-5 fresh basil leaves into a cup, pour in boiling water, and add honey to taste. Basal can help to calm the stomach and reduce body heat if consumed on a hot day. It can also increase your appetite, aid digestion, and prevent colds.

3. Jasmine

Jasmine tastes spicy, sweet, and mild. It helps to adjust “qi,” aids the liver, reduces stress, and cools down the body. Boil approximately 50 grams of rice and add about 60 grams of jasmine flowers for flavor and health. Also, add 5-10 jasmine flowers to boiling water to drink tea. To make a soup, simmer approximately 25 grams of white fungus in water and add about 20 jasmine flowers. The soup has a lovely aroma and mellow taste.

Lemongrass is often added when cooking meals with fish or rice.
Lemongrass is often added when cooking meals with fish or rice. (Image: Rafael Ben Ari via Dreamstime)

4. Honeysuckle

According to traditional Chinese medicine, honeysuckle is a “Chinese antibiotic.” It is widely used for detoxification and relieving sore throat pain. Pour hot water over a few honeysuckle flowers to soothe a sore throat. A three-flower tea can be made with honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, and jasmine flowers. Boil the flowers in water for about 15 minutes and add honey for taste.

5. Lemongrass

It is often added when cooking meals with fish or rice. Lemongrass has many functions, such as relaxing knee joint tension and removing moisture in the body. It is also suitable for treating headaches, flu, and stomach pain.

The leaves of lemon grass can be used for herbal tea before bedtime. Boil the leaves for about 15 minutes and add some honey for taste. It will help you sleep well.

Another receipt is lemongrass with apples. Place five pieces of lemongrass and four sliced apples in a pot of water and boil for one hour. Add honey to taste and drink the water without the apples. You will feel relaxed and clear-headed.

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