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Anna May Wong: A Pioneering Hollywood Star of Asian Descent

On October 24, 2022, the U.S. Mint released a 25-cent coin with President Washington on the front and an Asian-faced Hollywood star on the back. This star is none other than Anna May Wong, known in Chinese as Wong Liu Tsong (黃柳霜). Born on January 3, 1905, Anna May Wong holds the distinction of being ...

Mikel Davis

Publicity photo of American actress Anna May Wong likely commissioned to promote the movie 'Daughter of Shanghai.'

10 Class Acts of Sportsmanship That Restored Faith in Humanity

Sportsmanship, the virtue that extends beyond winning and losing, can inspire and touch millions of hearts. Throughout sports history, numerous individuals have displayed acts of class and decency that transcend the game itself. In this article, celebrate 10 of the classiest acts of sportsmanship that remind you of the potential for goodwill and unity in ...

Viena Abdon

Sportsmanship at the 2005 Ashes.

Melodic Mastery: 7 Ways Music Enhances Mathematical Skills

Did you know that music can enhance mathematical skills and make mathematics more enjoyable for students? Researchers believe incorporating music into math lessons can keep students engaged and reduce anxiety about complex concepts like fractions. This is a great way to motivate children to appreciate math and encourage them to learn more. It’s pretty fascinating. ...

Haidene Go

A young child playing a piano.

How the Power of Honesty Changed a Beggar’s Life

On August 9, in the bustling city of New York, a curious incident unfolded that reflected the power of honesty. Merrie Harris, a female director of an advertising company, encountered a beggar while walking on the street. She had no change to give, so, in an unusual act of kindness, she handed him her credit ...

Mikel Davis

An American Express Platinum card.

Why Is Public Napping a Sign of Diligence in Japan?

Public napping may offer a quick rest and rejuvenation in today’s fast-paced world, where long working hours and productivity are often prioritized. However, a unique cultural phenomenon in Japan challenges the traditional notion of public napping. Embraced as a sign of diligence, public napping in Japan has garnered attention for its potential to enhance productivity ...

Viena Abdon

Napping at work in Japan.

How to Help Children Let Go of Old Toys and Stuff They No Longer Need

In any household with children, there is an inevitable accumulation of possessions. Birthdays, Christmas, the celebration events like sporting victories and random impulse buys bring in a stream of toys, clothes, and other stuff. But getting rid of these possessions is another story. While some children can be convinced to send their old toys to ...

Troy Oakes

Children's playroom full of toys.