Overcoming Challenges: From Being Labelled ‘Slow’ to Creating a Multi-Million Dollar Empire

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A child who was thought of as 'slow' overcame the challenges he faced and went on to create a multi-million dollar empire. (Image: Yarruta via Dreamstime)

Growing up, “Bit” was always a step behind other children and always faced challenges. His classmates mocked him for being slow, and his teachers accused him of not working hard enough. Despite his efforts to improve and change himself, he never seemed to be able to speed up. It wasn’t until ninth grade that doctors diagnosed him with a neurodevelopmental disorder.

The unlikely beginning

When Bit graduated from high school, he applied to 10 average schools, thinking that at least one would accept him. However, he didn’t receive a single acceptance letter. Later, he came across an advertisement claiming that for US$250, he could be guaranteed admission to a university. Desperate, he paid the amount and, to his surprise, received an acceptance letter from a university.

Bit remembered reading an article about that university in a newspaper years ago. The article stated that it was a school where no one failed, and as long as the student’s father was wealthy, they would be accepted. Bit was determined to prove this perception wrong.

Back of graduates during commencement at a university.
A newspaper article said it was a university where no one failed and anyone was accepted as long as their father was wealthy. (Image: Prasit Rodphan via Dreamstime)

Turning point

After a year at that university, Bit transferred to another institution. Upon graduating, he entered the real estate industry. At 22, he started his own real estate company. From then on, Bit built over 10,000 apartments across four states in the United States, owned over 9,000 chain stores, and accumulated assets worth several hundred million dollars.

Later, Bit ventured into the banking industry and became a CEO.

The road to success

How did someone perceived as “slow” by others manage to achieve such success? Bit shared three insights:

1. Play to your strengths

Everyone excels at something. Some people are good at writing, while others are good at math. What is difficult for some may be a piece of cake for others. It is crucial to do what suits you best and not try to please others by doing something that doesn’t align with your strengths, but demands a lifetime of effort.

2. Supportive parents

Bit was fortunate to have understanding, tolerant, and patient parents. Although Bit was always slow, if a test took others 15 minutes to complete, but he needed two hours, his parents never criticized him. They believed that as long as their son did his best, that was good enough.

Bit was always slow. If a test took others 15 minutes to complete, he might need two hours, but his parents never criticized him.
Bit was always slow. If a test took others 15 minutes to complete, he might need two hours, but his parents never criticized him. (Image: Petro via Dreamstime)

3. Understand your limitations

Bit never competed with his classmates. If his classmates were tall and fast, and he was short and slow, why should he compare himself to them? It’s essential to know where to draw the line.

He often questioned why learning was so easy for others, why he could never answer questions correctly, and why he always failed. After understanding his condition, he received support and explanations from professionals. Understanding oneself and one’s surroundings is crucial.


Bit’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, understanding your strengths and limitations, and having a supportive network. Despite being labeled “slow” and facing numerous challenges, he managed to build a multi-million dollar empire and prove that success is achievable with the right mindset and determination.

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