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The Power of Preparedness: A Brave Little Girl’s Escape

A heart-stopping incident involving a 5-year-old girl from Hubei, China, is a real-life lesson on the importance of child safety and preparedness. This story of a young girl’s quick thinking and courage under pressure has been hailed as a “child abduction prevention textbook” and offers valuable insights for parents. The incident While on her way ...

Emma Lu

A child walking alone.

A Grandfather Kills Over a Debt, and His Grandsons Pay for His Crime

If one kills a person or steals, karma will require payment either now or in the future. Please read the following story of how retribution is meted out for past crimes. During the Song Dynasty, a villager named Feng Si in Fuzhou in what is now eastern Jiangxi Province, whose family was too poor to ...

Max Lu

The wheel of karma.

Parrots in Crime: The Unusual Role of Birds in Law Enforcement

In an age where law enforcement agencies utilize advanced technology, there lies an unlikely aid to criminal investigations: the parrot. These colorful and intelligent birds have been at the center of some rather unusual criminal cases around the world. Whether they’re accidentally leading police to a scene or becoming the prime witnesses in crimes, parrots ...

Emma Lu

A macaw parrot.

A Brave Daughter Serves Her Father and Protects a Magistrate’s Party

During the Qing Dynasty, a great famine occurred in Shandong Province. Thieving bandits were prevalent, especially in the Jiaodong area; even the well-to-do families couldn’t protect themselves. In the Changyi area, currently, the northwestern part of the Shandong Peninsula, lived an armed escort named Sun Liang, who was highly skilled, brave, and fierce. Zhuang Gu, ...

Emma Lu

A female martial arts expert.

How to Prevent Your Elderly Parents From Falling Victim to Scammers

Nowadays, taking preventative measures to protect your aging parents against scammers is a must. Scammers use various methods to take advantage of older people, who are easy targets due to their trusting nature, lack of technology savvy, and possible social isolation. Fortunately, in this article, you can explore how to safeguard your parents from falling ...

Viena Abdon

Ponzi scheme.

AI Scams in China: The New Face of Fraud

On May 22, Chinese state media’s China Fund Report revealed that AI fraud is becoming rampant across the nation. A typical case of telecom fraud leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) was reported by the Baotou City police. In this instance, Mr. Guo, the legal representative of a tech company in Fuzhou City, was swindled out of ...

Mikel Davis

Artificial intelligence deepfakes.

How Con Artists Conned Other Con Artists With a Fake Goya Painting

Most of the time, con artists prey on victims that unknowingly fall into their trap. However, every once in a while, a con artist would also fall for other con artists. Becoming a victim of conning is often hard on people, but rarely does it turn them into con artists themselves. However, this is what ...

Mike West

Francisco de Goya.

Car Thieves Turned Themselves In After Experiencing Unexplained Events

If it is said that a dog will find its way home after it has disappeared, then everyone may think this is nothing strange. But if a car was stolen several times by different people, yet it always returns to the owner, this is incredible!  A bizarre incident like this has happened in central Taiwan. ...

Emma Lu

A car being driven down the road.

Scammers: How to Beat Them at Their Own Game

Most scammers are not as direct as the infamous Nigerian Prince scam. Instead, con artists use subtle psychological tricks to get you to cooperate. These tricks take advantage of people’s kindness, naïvete, shame, greed, or fear. For years, people assumed you are stupid if scammers fooled you. But researchers have found that that’s not the ...

Nathan Machoka

No scammer.