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The Mystery of Spirit Photography: The Lincoln Photo and Beyond

Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of American President Abraham Lincoln, had her photo taken in 1872. Behind her, there’s a faint, white, semi-transparent figure with an arm around her shoulder. Strikingly, it bears a resemblance to President Lincoln. However, President Lincoln had been assassinated seven years earlier in 1865. How can this be explained? The Lincoln ...

Mikel Davis

Engraved illustration of men surrounding Abraham Lincoln on his deathbed.

Comforting Souls Who Left Life in Tragic and Painful Circumstances

Some people embark on extraordinary journeys to seek answers in a world filled with questions about what happens after people leave this earthly realm. Marie Johanne Croteau-Meurois, the author of Souls Who Leave Us: 12 True Stories from the Afterlife, yearned for a life filled with purpose and authenticity that went beyond the ordinary.  Her ...

Viena Abdon

Colored clouds in the sky.

The Incredible Story of an Ox’s Reincarnation

A farmer bought a strong young ox from a butcher to plow his fields. However, it was later discovered that the animal was the reincarnation of a debtor who had returned to pay his obligations incurred in his previous life. A seemingly robust young ox One day, the farmer saw a robust young ox at ...

Hermann Rohr

A cow and its calf.

Near-Death Experience: The Realm Between Life and Death

A near-death experience can leave a lasting impact on a person’s life. But, even if you’ve never experienced a close brush with death, you’ve probably seen or read about it in popular media.  In movies, we usually see a scene where the star is bleeding out or lost at sea or in a desert. Then ...

Nathan Machoka

Large doors opening to the heavens.

Afterlife: Science or Religion?

The afterlife is an existence in which an individual’s stream of consciousness continues to live after the death of their physical body. Physiological proposals for the origin of a belief in an afterlife include cognitive disposition, cultural learning, and religious ideas. The AWARE study AWARE (Awareness during Resuscitation) was a study conducted in 2008 by ...

Katrina Hicks

A sunset with clouds.