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8 Ways to Feed Your Immune System and Improve Your Wellbeing

When it comes to ways to feed your immune system, it all comes down to how you treat your body. “You start treating your body right and your immune system is better.” — Aaron Bruno This phrase is spot-on and has a lot of applications in your daily life. You can vastly enhance your general health ...

Ratul Saha

A female runner stretching.

Jade Can Protect the Body and Ward Off ‘Evil Spirits’

Jade is a precious stone that comes in various shades of green, white, and yellow, with green being the most common color. It is capable of bearing very high temperatures, while at the same time giving off heat to the surrounding environment, making it great for use in a sauna, since it can even maintain ...

Tatiana Denning

A jade Buddha.

Bringing Wellness to the Body: Spring Hacks

Winter is over. Now is the season of spring — the season of rebirth and renewal. It is the perfect time to do some cleansing of the body, mind, and soul. And what better way to do it than to take inspiration from the 5,000-year-old traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)? Chinese medicine and philosophy state that ...

Raven Montmorency

Spring flowers blooming.

Good and Evil, and Their Effects on the Body

The ancients believed that doing evil deeds created retribution that would arrive sooner or later. Numerous studies have confirmed that good and evil have an effect and that doing good deeds can prolong a person’s life. During a study of social relationships and mortality risk, American researchers found that a person who is helpful and ...

Armin Auctor

The yin-yang symbol of Tai chi

4 Parts of Your Body You Need to Keep Warm In Cold Weather

Temperature changes a lot during the period between summer and autumn. When the weather turns, it is imperative to keep warm in cold weather. We have different ideas and perceptions of cold, but is cold always bad, or can it be good for us? We look at the effects of cold weather, particularly the effects ...

Raven Montmorency

Woman with blue hat and mittens drinking hot beverage from a snowman mug outside while snow lightly falls.

Why Doesn’t Leg Hair Grow Like Head Hair?

Luckily, not all of your hair grows as long as the hair on your head does: Eyelashes, pubic hair, leg hair, etc., grow at different rates. They all have their distinct features. But how does your leg hair know it should grow shorter than the hair on your head? According to some statements by Max-Planck-Institute ...

Hermann Rohr