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Jing Fang: Worldly Skill Without Spiritual Development Leads to His Downfall

Jing Fang (77-37 BC) was a master of Yixue (易学, “the study of changes”), skilled in using celestial phenomena to predict human affairs. He was the founder of divination methods using the six lines and eight trigrams. However, despite being a pioneer in the field, he ultimately fell victim to his own predictive abilities. Why ...

Max Lu

Close-up of an I Ching hexagram.

Divination for 2021: Danger at the End of the Gengzi Cycle

According to the Chinese calendar, a full cycle is completed once every 600 years. The end of the lunar year that began in 2020 marks the completion of one of these cycles, which is known as the Gengzi cycle. This time was predicted to bring chaos and upheaval to the world. As the current Chinese ...

Emma Lu

A depiction of outerspace with an opening to Heaven that shines a beam of light down on the Earth.

Traditional Chinese Culture: ‘Male Left, Female Right’

In traditional Chinese culture, the custom to consider the left side of the body as male and the right side as female seems to have permeated all aspects of people’s daily lives. How did this custom come into being? According to legend, when Pangu, the ancestor of the Chinese people, became a deity, his body ...

Emma Lu

Pagoda at the edge of a lake in Asia.