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Dindim: A Penguin That Swims Miles to Be Reunited With His Rescuer

Some animals will remember the people who showed them love and kindness. Dindim, a penguin, is considered to be one of them.  To spend time with his human rescuer Joao Pereira de Souza, 71 years of age, the Magellanic penguin Dindim travels miles yearly for four years to reunite with him.  Dindim’s rescuer used to ...

Viena Abdon

The penguin with its rescuer.

Light the Lamp of Gratitude: 2 Inspiring Tales

Gratitude is good for business and its benefits come in all manner of unexpected ways. In the west end of the village where Mr. Chen lives, there is a merchant from Henan who runs a tofu business. The merchant is famous for giving folks who buy his tofu every morning a free bowl of bean ...

Tatiana Denning

A Chinese lamp on a blooming tree.

The Beauty and Power of Kindness

This is a story about how a little boy awakened kindness in a person’s heart. One late night in Brazil, a woman went into labor with her second child. Living in a remote village and with her husband away, a neighbor ran to the nearest phone to ask for help. But all of the rescue ...

Emma Lu

A village on a river.

Explore Lençóis, One of Brazil’s Hidden Gems

When we say there is more to Brazil than Rio and soccer, we mean it. With carefully restored colorful colonial buildings, iconic cobbled streets, and warm and inviting restaurants, the beautiful town of Lençóis is a perfect getaway destination. Surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and untouched caves, the old diamond-mining village in the Chapada Diamantina offers ...

Armin Auctor

Quaint and colorful buildings lining a cobblestone street in Lençóis, Brazil.

China Fueling Deforestation in Brazil

China accounts for almost 20 percent of the global population. To feed its growing middle class, China relies on imports from countries like Brazil. The South American nation is a major supplier of meat and soy to China. However, this trade relationship has come at a cost — the widespread deforestation of Brazilian rainforests. Deforestation ...

Max Lu

Patch of forest land cleared of vegetation for agricultural purposes in the Amazon rainforest.

NASA’s AIRS Maps Carbon Monoxide From Brazil Fires

The latest findings, derived from the highly reliable data of NASA’s Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument aboard the Aqua satellite, reveal the movement high in the atmosphere of carbon monoxide associated with fires in Brazil’s Amazon region. This time series maps carbon monoxide at an altitude of 18,000 feet (5,500 meters) from Aug. 8-22, 2019. ...

Troy Oakes

Planet Earth showing countries.