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Babies as Bribery for a High Ranking CCP Official

On July 14, Changsha on the Palm under the Changsha Evening News reported that China Judgments Online recently published the verdict of Guan Chengshan, a controller at the Shandong Shengong Haite Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. on bribery charges. Guang received a 3.5-year sentence with a 2-year suspension. Guan’s conviction was in relation to paying US$480,000 ...

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Former Malaysian Deputy PM Faces Corruption Charges

The ex-deputy PM of Malaysia, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, is currently embroiled in a series of corruption cases. In total, Zahid is facing 87 legal charges, which is the highest among all senior politicians from the former Barisan Nasional government. The corruption charges In the most recent case, Zahid was hit with 33 counts of receiving ...

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Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Ex-Hong Kong Official Sentenced to 3 Years on African Bribery Charges

Patrick Ho Chi-Ping, a 69-year-old former politician from Hong Kong, has been found guilty of engaging in bribing African leaders by a New York court. Ho was sentenced to three years in prison and fined US$400,000. Ho was arrested by FBI agents in 2017 at the John F. Kennedy Airport and was convicted on seven ...

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Patrick Ho Chi-ping.

Desperate Huawei Now Trying to Bribe American Journalists

With international scrutiny growing on Huawei’s activities, the company is desperately trying every trick in the book. Their methods include bribing American journalists in a bid to influence them to put out reports framing the corporation in a positive light. Huawei is facing boycotts in several nations due to its association with the Chinese Communist ...

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Ex-PLA Chief Sentenced to Life Behind Bars for Corruption

Fang Fenghui, a former Chief of Joint Staff of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been sentenced to life in prison after he was found guilty of engaging in corruption and amassing wealth that he has not yet been able to account for. The takedown of Fang mirrors the fate of many other PLA generals, ...

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China Has a Big Bribery Problem

China is aiming to be the No. 1 superpower in the world. But the country has many fundamental problems, among which is a long history of bribery. Unlike Western nations, where bribery is seen as “dirty” and something to be ashamed of, the Chinese, after the arrival of the communists, have seen bribery as normal. A ...

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Ex-Chinese Official Convicted by U.S. Court for Corrupting African Leaders

Patrick Ho Chi-ping, a 69-year-old ex-Chinese official from Hong Kong, has been found guilty by a New York court on seven counts of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and being involved in money laundering. He apparently planned on bribing African leaders for the benefit of a Chinese energy company. The ex-Chinese official’s corruption scandal ...

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Dr. Patrick Ho Chi-ping speaking at the Methanol Policy Forum in 2017.

Offend Chinese Communist Officials and Find Yourself Going to Prison

Taiwanese businessmen do not understand the way the officialdom of the Chinese Communist Party operates. Their mistake is believing that the Chinese communist officials will abide by the law and conduct themselves with moral principles. As long as relations between the government and the businessmen are good, then they can sweep through the mainland market. ...

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Bribery Is Common in China, but Not in the U.S.

In China, there is a saying: “Money can move the ghosts.” “Walking the back door,” also known as bribery, has become an unwritten rule that everyone understands. However, in the United States, bribing and taking bribes are both crimes that will be prosecuted. In May 2018, a Chinese man named Pei Qingbin entered the U.S. ...

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Are Chinese Officials Exporting Corruption Too?

According to the 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index, China ranks 77th least corrupt country in a list of 175 countries in the world. China has held this position, in the range of 75th-80th rank, since 2008, with the highest level of corruption seen in 2014 when China ranked 100. China’s best rank so far was in ...

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