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The Most Touching Stories of Filial Piety

With the advanced technology in today’s society, the ways of showing our filial piety or reverence toward our parents have evolved into having video chats with them, having gifts delivered to their house, or taking them out for a meal. Of course, this may be the way modern people express filial piety. However, we can ...

Max Lu

Hand painted image of a Chinese woman in ancient clothing serving her mother or mother-in-law a tray of food.

Filial Piety: A Virtue Prized Above All Others

In traditional Chinese culture, filial piety — loving, respecting, and caring for one’s parents — is the virtue prized above all others. The following is a modern-day story about how children should practice filial piety. Xiao Li came from a rather poor family in his village, but he was fortunate enough to go to college. After ...

Kathy McWilliams

Elderly Chinese parents pose for a photo with their daughter in a restaurant.

10 Sentences You Should Never Say to Your Parents

Your parents brought you into this world and gave you a life to live in this world. So be nice to them when they are alive. Do not regret it when you have no chance to be nice to them when they are gone. If you list the things you have done for your parents, it may ...

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Three generations of a Chinese family.

Being Thoughtful

There are many stories in China about people being thoughtful and caring for other people. A well-off man drove his mother to see the dentist. His mother was old and all her teeth were rotten. As soon as they entered the dental clinic, the dentist told her she would need to buy dentures, but the ...

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