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4 Natural Ways to Ease Tension and Anxiety

Living a busy modern lifestyle can lead to anxiety and stress. People experiencing mental pressure might find themselves having some physiological changes, such as increased blood pressure and an accelerated heart rate, sleep disorders, decreased concentration, and digestive and reproductive system disorders.  Psychologist Yu Jiarong, director of Taipei Children’s Companion Psychotherapy Institute, recommends four methods ...

Max Lu

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Herbs to Harvest for the Cold and Flu Season

People susceptible to cold and flu dread the onset of the winter. While keeping OTC medications for preventing and combating cold and cough is easy, these may not be enough. After a period, your body may develop resistance against such medicines, rendering them less effective. It is better to use homegrown herbs and plants to ...

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Dry chamomile with a tea strainer for the preparation of chamomile tea.