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The Legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese festivals have a unique flavor of their own. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the prominent festivals in Chinese culture. There are some interesting stories and legends behind the Mid-Autumn Festival. Among the stories, the most popular one is that of Chang’e – the legendary story of the Chinese Moon goddess. The legend changes ...

Emma Lu


The Legendary Tale of Houyi and Chang’e, Goddess of the Moon

Legends are like the shifting sands of a desert — forever changing and hard to grasp. This Chinese legend of Houyi and Chang’e is no exception, and many different versions have been passed down. The Jade Emperor, the ruler of Heaven, had 10 unruly sons. One day, they transformed themselves into 10 suns, heartlessly scorching ...

Michael Segarty

A painting of Cheng'e, the Goddess of the Moon.

Launch of ‘Long March’ Rocket a Boost for Chinese Space Program

China successfully launched its largest space rocket yet, in what is a major step in its plans to further explore the Moon and eventually conduct Mars missions.  The Long March 5 rocket lifted off from the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center on Dec. 27 and entered orbit a quarter-hour later. It deployed the communications satellite Shijian ...

Max Lu

China's Long March 5 rocket..