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3 Soups That Will Keep You Healthy During Winter

When you arrive home in winter and are cold and hungry, there is nothing better than sitting down to a hot bowl of soup. Winter has often been given a bad rap, as it brings the cold and flu season. However, with a little effort, there is no reason for your health to suffer during the ...

Kathy McWilliams

Spicy whole fish soup.

What Are the 7 Best Foods to Recover From an Illness?

When you’re not feeling well, you generally lose your appetite. What’s the best food to eat when you’re unwell? What are the best foods to help you recover from an illness and help the body heal? 7 foods recommended by nutritionists to recover from an illness 1. Porridge Oatmeal and other grains used to make ...

Emma Lu

Man with a beard feeling sick with indigestion and about to drop an effervescent tablet in a glass of water at home.

Chicken Feet Broth Nourishes Qi and Supports Fertility

Chicken feet may look a little scary at first, but they make a most nourishing and nutrient-rich stock. The chicken feet broth is yellow in color and gels up beautifully — a sign of a good broth. Think of this: When you are using the feet, you are making the most of the whole chicken ...

Max Lu

Chicken broth and chicken feet with vegetables, spices and herbs on gray background.

Chicken Soup for Your Soul

Do you remember that time when you came home after a really bad day? The weather was bad, you felt down, and maybe your heart was broken. Then you got a whiff of mom’s cooking in the kitchen, and you felt instant relief. What was it? The one dish to solve all worries. A good ...

Raven Montmorency

A bowl of chicken noodle soup.