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Bottom Line, Domestic Violence Can Ruin Children’s Lives: I Know

Physical and mental abuse toward young children can ruin their whole lives, often irreparably. I know, as I grew up in a home with domestic violence. It didn’t really start till I was 8. Before that, things were quite good. Then, it was like a switch was turned on, and my whole life changed. Constant ...

Wilma Oakes

Sad Asian boy covers his face with his hands.

Back to School: New Rules Awaiting Chinese Children

After several weeks of lockdown, schools in China are slowly reopening in some regions. To ensure that children are protected from the CCP virus, these schools have implemented a number of new measures that focus on social distancing and personal hygiene. Children and social distancing in schools One school in Hangzhou has asked children to ...

Max Lu

Chinese children with masks in a classroom.

Japan: Children Increasingly Hurt by Abusive Parents

Child abuse has become a much-talked-about topic in Japan after a spate of incidents where parents have hurt their own children. According to data from the National Police Agency, Japan’s child guidance centers received 80,252 reports of suspected child abuse in 2018. This is the 14th consecutive year that the numbers have gone up. More ...

Raven Montmorency

A child's drawing of a happy family.

George Pell: A Catholic Cardinal’s Fall From Grace

Prior to 2017, George Pell was a well-respected figure in the Catholic community. Hailing from Australia, he has been the archbishop of Sydney and Melbourne. He was also seen as a promising candidate to replace Pope Francis. In fact, he was perfect secretariat for the Holy See for three years, which made him third-in-charge after ...

Nspirement Staff

Chinese Media Ordered to Stop Reporting on Kindergarten Abuse

The Chinese government has ordered local media to halt coverage of a kindergarten abuse scandal at a high-end kindergarten in Beijing, according to a leaked order. The November 24 order, which was leaked to and published on China Digital Times, said: “Don’t report or comment on the matter of the Red Yellow Blue New World ...

James Burke

Parents outside a Chinese kindergarten.