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Classical Pianist Prodigy Gu Shengying Suffered Humiliation in Her Homeland

Gu Shengying, a prominent Chinese classical concert pianist, died on the last day of January 1967, a week before the Chinese New Year. She was a musical prodigy and a genius who had won countless accolades, and rightfully, she was supposed to be the glory and pride of a nation. However, during the Cultural Revolution, ...

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Watch This 5-Year-Old Italian Piano Prodigy Perfect Mozart

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find young talents exhibiting their creative skills on reality shows and stunning the viewers. You may have come across toddlers that sing and dance with such perfection that it leaves adult performers spellbound. One such example is the performance of Italian piano prodigy Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani at the 10th ...

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A blonde boy sits at a piano giving a performance during a competition.

Did NASA Really Discover HEAVEN With the Hubble Space Telescope?

This universe is truly vast and infinite, but could science prove that heaven really exists? Even if they already had the evidence and released it to the public, could people accept it? Did you know that despite spending most of their lives studying science, in their later years, many accomplished scientists became devoted to religion ...

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Young woman and a glowing spaceship.

Former Korean Child Prodigy: Happiness Comes From Ordinary Things

Would being the most intelligent person on the planet make you happy? Not necessarily — the life of a former South Korean child prodigy is proof of that. Deemed to be one of the most intelligent people ever born in the world, Kim Ung-yong showed exceptional abilities from childhood, but he only found happiness when ...

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Man holding a tablet that is seemingly projecting an IQ test as a futuristic hologram, an artist's rendering of augmented virtual reality.

A Young Yo-Yo Ma: The Child Prodigy Who Played to the World

In 1962, a young Yo-Yo Ma played the cello for President J. F. Kennedy at the age of just 7 years old. It was his first public performance on stage. Who knew that the young Yo-Yo Ma would go on to become a famous musician and a cultural figurehead in the coming years? The Kennedy ...

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A young Yo-Yo Ma playing the cello