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The Unconventional Hero Ji Gong: A Tale of Deception and Salvation

During the Song Dynasty, a story unfolded that would echo through the ages, a tale of cunning, bravery, and the unexpected heroism of the mad monk Ji Gong. Though centuries old, this narrative carries a timeless message that resonates even with the modern world, particularly when we consider the dangers and deceptions that lurk in ...

Max Lu

Illustration of a monk in traditional Chinese robes carrying a tattered fan and standing in a Chinese village with a suspicious looking character behind him.

Child Sex Tourism: The Scale of the Abuse and What You Can Do to Help Stop It

Child sex tourism (CST) is defined as the exploitation of children for sexual purposes by offenders who travel to engage in sexual activities with children. This also involves child trafficking, child prostitution, child pornography, and the sale of children for sexual exploitation. CST occurs in many countries and tourism destinations. The commercial sexual exploitation of children ...

Troy Oakes

Airport departure/arrival area.

‘Lost and Love’: Son Reunited With His Family

The film Lost and Love, released in 2015, was based on a true story of a Chinese farmer’s 15-year journey searching for his missing son. Then, on July 12, 2021, came a dramatic turn. Guo Gangtang finally found his son Guo Zhen who had been missing for 24 years. On September 21, 1997, the 27-year-old ...

Emma Lu

Poster for the 2015 movie 'Lost and Love.'

The Different Grooming Stages of Child Trafficking

For a crime that is so horrific and ruthless, the sex trafficking “industry,” including child trafficking, is run by an extremely well-organized, trans-national crime syndicate with a specific hierarchical system. Each individual within the syndicate has a specific role to play and they are extremely calculating at what they do. The strategy is well worked ...

Michael Segarty

A child hiding under pillows.