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Enforced Disappearance of Gao Zhisheng and China’s Human Rights Crisis

Prominent Chinese human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng was once listed as being among China’s 10 best lawyers by the Ministry of Justice in 2001, but that would change as he began to take cases of people persecuted by the communist state, especially that of Falun Gong practitioners. What would follow was Gao himself being targeted ...

Rory Karsten

Lawyer Gao Zhisheng.

To Save Face, China Is Prepared to Destroy the Lives of Its Own People

At this critical time, China is undergoing one of the coldest winters in at least 50 years. On top of that, people are having to cope with these freezing conditions while the coal supply is running out. Worst of all, to save face, the communist regime would rather see the Chinese people freeze to death ...

Max Lu

China has one of the coldest winters in the last fifty years.

Beijing again rebuked for undermining Hong Kong’s freedoms

Foreign ministers of the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK have jointly raised concerns over the diminishing of Hong Kong’s freedoms after Beijing enacted a new set of rules to disqualify elected legislators in the semi-autonomous city. The foreign ministers reiterated their serious concerns over a Chinese government resolution that resulted in the ...

Nspirement Staff

Hong Kong police question a man.

39 Countries Criticize China for Its Human Rights Violations

Diplomats from 39 Western nations have criticized China at the United Nations for violating the human rights of Uyghur Muslims, as well as compromising the autonomy of Hong Kong. UN Director Louis Charbonneau admitted that the organization must create an international mechanism to track and report rights violations committed by the Chinese regime. China’s human ...

Nspirement Staff

Christoph Heusgen.

Detention of Australian Journalist Further Exposes China’s Secretive Jail System

The detention of a China-born Australian journalist has further revealed China’s secretive jail system reportedly used to disappear thousands of people. Mid-last month, business journalist Cheng Lei, 45, vanished from her usual place on television state-run CGTN (China Global Television Network). It wasn’t until August 31 that the Australian government revealed that she is being ...

Max Lu

Cheng Lei

How the NBA Is Censoring Americans on the Issue of Hong Kong

Fearful of losing its market in China, the NBA has adopted a policy not to officially say anything political that might be against Beijing’s interests. The organization is implementing these practices in the U.S., essentially censoring Americans on the issue of Hong Kong and other human rights violations of the Chinese government. Supporting Hong Kong ...

Jack Roberts

Demonstrating against China during an NBA game.

Chinese Anger: UBS Economist ‘Pig’ Comment Angers China

A comment by a top UBS economist who joked about a “Chinese pig” has caused a huge ruckus in the Asian country. Chinese people vented anger against the company on social media while state-run dailies used the opportunity to play the victim card. The ‘pig’ comment In a podcast that was discussing swine fever and ...

Max Lu

UBS building.

Hong Kong Extradition Bill Destroys Financial Confidence

One U.S. hedge fund manager, Kyle Bass, said recently that it would be foolish if he continued to invest his assets in Hong Kong dollars because: “If the ‘Extradition Bill’ is passed, Hong Kong will be finished!” A senior investor in Singapore also said that fund managers are preparing to short Hong Kong dollars. The ...

Helen London

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange.