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China’s $7 Billion Investment to Win Over India

A new report published by an Indian Think Tank has highlighted China’s covert influence to win over India, as well as its aggression in dealing with its neighboring countries. The Chinese regime’s actions toward its own people and ethnic Muslim minorities have made it a target of criticism worldwide. However, the regime is also making ...

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Tricolor Indian national flag flying near a mountain pass close to the India-China border.

German Official Suppresses Negative Report on China

An official from Germany who occupies a high-ranking post has been identified as having suppressed an intelligence report that warned about China’s rising influence in the European nation. The German official was apparently afraid of causing damage to German-China business ties should the report be made public. China influence The report was prepared in 2018 ...

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The Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany.

How the EU Is Countering China’s Influence in Europe

In the past few years, the EU has had a complicated relationship with China. While the EU has been looking to strengthen its business relationship with the Asian nation so as to ensure that its own economy keeps growing at a steady pace, these efforts have not produced the desired results as China continues to ...

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The EU flag.

Men Should Not Be Judged as Wise for Only Kind Words

Op-ed by Yan Xia, the chief editor of Vision China Times, an independent Chinese language media in Australia. An article I published a few days ago, Don’t Stand Up If You Can’t Undertake the Responsibility, has received a lot of feedback. Some readers asked what was wrong with an open letter that “opposes ‘racism’” and supports ...

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The Sydney Opera House.