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Hollywood Takeover: China’s Censorship Through the American Film Industry

American movies have been the staple entertainment in many households worldwide for decades. We love the heroes, the plots, and the overarching message of freedom and democracy. But what if Hollywood movies aren’t American at all? What if the same industry that seems to stand for emancipation is being censored by none other than the ...

Nathan Machoka

The famous Hollywood sign.

The Japanese Zodiac: Which Animal Are You?

Japan is a country steeped in rich cultural traditions and folklore. The Japanese have a deep connection with nature, reflected in their symbolic use of animals.  These creatures, whether real or mythical, have profound meanings in Japanese society. Over time, they have been woven into 12 zodiac animals known as juunishi, each representing a year ...

Nathan Machoka

Twelve animals of the Japanese zodiac.

US Boosts Measures to Counter Chinese Soft Power in South America

For decades, the U.S. has been the major influence in South America. This is being challenged by the Chinese regime’s soft power, which is building its own sphere of influence in the continent. In response, the Trump administration launched the America Crece program, which aims to counter China’s soft power and keep South America close ...

Nspirement Staff

South America map on a globe.

India Ramps Up Scrutiny of Chinese Influence Group

Following military clashes along the Himalayan border, the Indian government has stepped up its evaluation of Chinese influence in the country. New Delhi is said to be particularly interested in a group called the Chinese Association for International Understanding (CAFIU), which it has designated as an “entity of concern.” Curbing Chinese influence CAFIU is an ...

Nspirement Staff

Chinese yuan notes

China Influencing European Elites Through Friendship Association Groups

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is co-opting elites in Europe to increase its influence in the region, warns a recent report published by the think-tank Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA). For this purpose, Beijing is setting up Friendship Association (FA) groups throughout Europe that bring the elites close to communist ideology. Friendship infiltration ...

Max Lu

The British and EU flags.

Bowing to CCP Censorship: U.S. Attorney General Slams Companies

William Barr, the U.S. Attorney General, recently criticized American companies for kowtowing to Chinese communist censorship. In addition to tech giants like Google Yahoo, Apple, and Microsoft, Barr also targeted the Hollywood industry. He was delivering a speech at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Threat from Chinese censorship Barr ...

Jack Roberts

William Barr.

Australia Standing Up to China

China has been using its economic might to bully or coerce many countries in Asia, Africa, and South America to accept its demands and side with its ideologies. When a conflict between China and Australia arose, Beijing might have calculated that Australia will eventually take a step back since the Asian nation is a major ...

Max Lu

The Australian flag.

Report Warns About China’s Attempts to Influence British Society

An 86-page internal report with contributions by former UK Secret Intelligence Service MI6 operatives reveals that China is running a campaign to influence Britain society at its highest levels, including the country’s politicians, institutions, academics, thinkers, and businessmen. Though it was not made public, a few MPs and media outlets were allowed accesses. Influencing politics and ...

Max Lu

NATO Asks Countries to Counter China’s Bullying

Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of NATO, recently warned that China’s increasing influence was triggering a fundamental shift in global power that cannot be overlooked. He wants the NATO alliance to be involved deeply in global political affairs, as well as aid nations in the Asia-Pacific region to counter China’s dominance. The China threat Stoltenberg stated ...

Max Lu

Jens Stoltenberg.

Chinese Money Funding American Research: Is This the Future of Global Science?

Several security experts have been warning that China’s rise in the scientific field will be a threat not just to America, but also to the world as a whole. In response, the U.S. administration is considering limiting the involvement of Chinese money and scholars in research projects. In the next decade or two, China is ...

Max Lu

A science laboratry researcher.